Developing an Online Learning Network

At Sports Path we have completed a major research project on how coaches use the web, involving over 1,000 coaches throughout the world.

We investigated how an Online Learning Network or VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) could support the role of the Director of Coaching/Technical Director (DOC’s) in this respect .We asked those DOC’s who had developed an Online Learning Network to name the major benefits:

Organized Youth soccer throughout the world is still growing and constantly needs a supply of competent coaches. But, even in the most developed soccer coaches in the world, the majority of coaches of teams for young players have no formal coach education training. Not surprisingly the turnover of grassroots coaches in most countries is over 30%. There is therefore a pressing need to recruit, train and retain coaches especially volunteer Grassroots Coaches

Sports Path has therefore launched a Consultancy Program for DOC’s to meet these needs to help DOC’s develop an Online Learning Network to support the development of the coaches in their club or Association