Developing an Online Learning Network

Sports Path has launched a Consultancy Program for  Clubs and Associations to help them  develop an Online Learning Network to support the development of the coaches in their Club or Association

Sports Path has announced that it will be providing an Award of $1,000 for the Youth Soccer Club that has developed the best Online Learning Network to support the development of coaches at their club. For Details click here 

At Sports Path we have completed a major research project on how coaches use the web, involving over 1,000 coaches throughout the world.

We investigated how an Online Learning Network or VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) could support the role of the Director of Coaching/Technical Director (DOC’s) in this respect .We asked those DOC’s who had developed an Online Learning Network to name the major benefits:

Organized Youth soccer throughout the world is still growing and constantly needs a supply of competent coaches. But, even in the most developed soccer coaches in the world, the majority of coaches of teams for young players have no formal coach education training. Not surprisingly the turnover of grassroots coaches in most countries is over 30%. There is therefore a pressing need to recruit, train and retain coaches especially volunteer Grassroots Coaches

Sports Path has therefore launched this  Consultancy Program for DOC’s to meet these needs to help DOC’s develop an Online Learning Network to support the development of the coaches in their club or Association

Introduction to the Start Up Program: Available from January 2015

-          Conducting Research to establish the needs of your coaches

-          How to develop an Action Plan for your Online Network

-          Capturing and Sharing Video

-          Recommended Tools to use to start your Online Learning Network

Cost: Free by completing this short survey here (The details of individual clubs will never be revealed)

Start –Up Program  : Available August 2015 - Cost $495

Establishing the needs of your coaches

Developing an Online Learning Network Plan

Identifying and Involving ‘ Digital Assistants’ to help the DOC

Selecting the Appropriate Online Tools to use to build the Network

Creating Coaches’ PULL to use the Network not just the DOC’s PUSH

Proven  Collaborative Tasks that get coaches to use the Network 

Quickly and Simply Updating the Online Learning Network

Building  an Online Archive of practices and sessions

How to help  consolidate  learning :developing online journals 

Video Filming of Practice Sessions

Editing  and Tagging Video

Using Still Photographs

Basic Captioning of Video and Photos

Incorporating Session Planners

Developing Scenarios of problems faced by  coaches

Success Stories to share with future generations

Setting Up A Frequently Asked Questions Section

 Using Digital Badges and Certificates

On completion of the 3 month Consultancy a Certificate of Competence will be awarded to participants who have successfully built an Online Learning Network for their coaches

Monthly Online Tutorials: Available September 2015 

To keep them up to date on developments in this fast changing environment this service is for Directors of Coaching and Technical Directors ( and those aspiring for these posts) who have completed the Start Up Program, developed an Online Learning Network or have appropriate IT skills


Enhancing  your Online Network to obtain Sponsorship

Potential Grant Aid Opportunities to fund your  Network

Engaging Players in the Online Learning Network

Involving Parents in the Online Learning Network

Establishing Individual Portfolios for coaches

Privacy v Public options of your Network

How to  use the web to help Coaches mentor other coaches

Using Webinars & Podcasting

Advanced  Video Filming of Games and Practices

Getting the most from Editing  and Tagging Video

Embedding Video and Photo Sharing into Practical Coaching 

How to ‘ Flip’ Coaching Sessions

Using the web to support Player and Team Analysis

Feedback to Coaches and developing Personal Learning Plans

Using the web to improve the fitness levels of players

Self publishing Books , E Books & Online Magazines

Developing your own Online Learning Courses

Using Games & Gamifications

Developing Collaborative Wikis

Making the most of Mobile  & Using Infographics

Providing your Online Network in other languages ( e.g. Spanish)

Integrating your Network with Federation Coach Education

Developing bespoke content for different categories of coaches

How to Survey Feedback from coaches

Analyzing usage of your Online Learning Network

-         Monthly webinar

-         Monthly Interview

-         Monthly Newsletter

-         Featured Case Studies of Online Learning Networks in Soccer

-         Featured Online Tool per month